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Sports Game Music Submission

We are looking to license a small number of indie songs for an indie sci-fi sports game.

  • Genre: Looking for hip hop, urban vibe, with vocals

  • Usage: Music to be used for team entrance as well as certain team-related menus​​

  • Feel/vibe: powerful, confident, though not taking itself too seriously

  • Lyrics must not be excessively R-rated

  • Songs (composition, master, lyrics) must 100% owned by those submitting

  • A small flat-fee license will be paid to Artist if selected

  • Artists retain all rights--this is a license deal.

  • License covers use in the game plus promotional uses including Kickstarter soundtrack

  • Game may release a 'for sale' soundtrack; artists will receive a pro-rated royalty for commercially released soundtrack, based on the total # of songs on soundtrack

Submit by attaching mp3 (low quality is fine) sending to: 

  • Put "Game Music Submission" in the Subject line

  • Prepend the artist name to the submission. For example, if the artist name is "Artist" and the song is called "MySong", you would attach "Artist_MySong.mp3"


Include Artist Name, (or publisher) and contact info in the body of the email.

Limit of 2 submissions per artist

Submission Deadline:  Aug 21, 11:59pm PST, but we will listen in the order received and may fill all requirements prior to the submission deadline

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