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Brian Schmidt's theme for the arcade video game, NARC is one of the only video game compositions ever to be recorded and released by a major act. It was covered by The Pixies for their Planet of Sound release and later on The Complete B-Sides. 


Here's what Black Francis, singer, guitarist and frontman for The Pixies had to say about why they covered the theme from NARC:

"Theme From NARC doesn't really have a chorus. I thought it was pretty cool, because the chord progression in it is completely f***** up. It isn't standard rock n roll progression."- Black Francis--The Pixies

Black Frances, Lead Singer for "The Pixies" on Brian's "Theme from NARC"

"Brian is a game audio industry legend and icon.The first 10 years of his career was spent helping to spearhead the creative and independent contracting community. He was very much ahead of his time. Without him, we would still be many years behind."

Tommy Tallarico, Founder & Producer: Video Games Live


Game Audio Network Guild Lifetime Achievement Award

Sega of America: Best Audio (Crueball)

G.A.N.G. Best New Technology Award (XACT)

G.A.N.G. Recognition Award

IGDA Best New Technology Finalist (XMA)

"Brian embodies the highest ideals of our industry, and has been a leader and innovator for over twenty years"

Paul Lipson, Vice President of Creative Services, Formosa Interactive

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