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30 Years of Game Audio Experience

I've been doing game audio all my professional life and can't imagine doing anything else. I'm enthralled by the creative, compositional challenges, the technical issues and the business challenges. It's a tremendously exciting time to be in the industry. Since I started in 1987, I've witnessed (and helped transform ) the industry go from "bleeps and bloops" to the current surround sound, high-power, high-fidelity systems we have today.

Interestingly enough, we’re seeing those same constraints again, either in iPhone, Android or other mobile platforms, tablets or in social applications based in Facebook, where the need to play immediately have once again put a bunch of technological handcuffs on the composers of music and the creators of sound effects.


Audio for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality also present huge opportunities for game composers and sound designers!

I was honored to have been the recipient of the Game Audio Network Guild’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008, and have been awarded Best Sound award from Sega, received awards for XACT, GameSoundCon, XMA. I was also quite surprised when I discovered that the band, The Pixies, had covered one of my video game compositions (Theme from NARC) and released it on two of their CD’s.

I thoroughly enjoy sharing knowledge and experience about the industry—it was a staple of my 10 years at Microsoft where I headed the audio technology group for Xbox, and is one of the reasons I created GameSoundCon: to help educate the next generation of interactive composers and sound designers.

A few other projects I’ve been involved in:
-Composer, sound designer for approximately 150 video, pinball and other games
-Primary architect for Xbox audio system (also did the “Boot Sound”)
-Primary architect for Xbox 360 audio system
-Architect for “XACT” among the earliest game audio design tools and the Xbox 360 "XMA" audio compression format
-Designer of BSMT2000, arcade game sound chip
-Designer of QSound’s Q1 3D Sound chip for arcade chips
-Assistant to film and jingle composer John Tatgenhorst

I also am inventor on about 20 patents in audio and game technology


Brian is also founder and Executive Director of GameSoundCon, the music industry's premiere conference on video game music and video game sound design for the professional audio industry.

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